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TASTING NOTES: Medium-bodied with a smooth finish, our lightly oak-aged Chardonnay suggests flavors of pears, apples, and vanilla. An excellent complement to seafood with rich sauces, chicken, and veal. Serve chilled at 45 degrees.

THE GRAPE: Chardonnay is a white grape varietals originating also from Burgundy and is probably the most known white variety in the world. The incredible complexity of aromatic components that Chardonnay gives to wines emerges in different ways depending on the soils and climates where it is grown, thus making the tasting of its wines always a unique experience. Chardonnay is part of the blend of the best classic method sparkling wines in the world, and is also renowned for its great aging potential.

 VINTNER'S NOTE: we age our Chardonnay in French oak. American oak tends to be more intense, the oak absorbs/ transfers into the wine much faster. French oak tends to be more subdued in its taste, with a smoother mouthfeel.


BLEND: 90%Chardonnay - 10% Pinot Grigio     (var.5%) 

VINEYARD  SIZE: 2.5 Acres (1  Chardonnel)

YEARLY PRODUCTION: 250-300 cases


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