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TASTING NOTES: Light-bodied with a delicate fruit bouquet of peaches and limes, our Pinot Grigio displays a dry, crisp, and fresh flavor that complements lighter style cuisine. An outstanding companion to poultry, seafood, salads, and pasta with light red sauces.         Serve chilled.

THE GRAPE: Pinot Grigio (Italian) or Pinot Gris (French)  is a white wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera with a particular pink-gray colored skin  Pinot grigio originates from Burgundy (France). The origin of the French name "pinot" comes from the word "pin", meaning "pine". In fact, the shape of its cluster looks like a small pine cone, a characteristic that unites all the vines with the name "pinot". The cultivation of Pinot Grigio is particularly complex and requires special conditions and attention not only in the countryside but also in the cellar.

VINTNER'S NOTE: blended with Cayuga to widen the flavor profile and aromas, our  Pinot Grigio is dedicated to Autism research and intervention and the profits from the sale of the wine benefit directly non-profit care providers and research institutions.


BLEND: 90% Pinot Grigio - 10% Cayuga     (var.10%) 

VINEYARD  SIZE: 1.9 Acres (0.2 Cayuga)

YEARLY PRODUCTION: 200-300 cases

Pinot Grigio

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