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TASTING NOTES: Luscious fruit aromas of grapefruit, pears, and apples, with sweet mouth-filling flavors, our Porto Bianco is the perfect dessert wine and after dinner sipper. Made with the traditional method of adding brandy to the fermenting must to create a perfect balance between sweetness and body. Serve chilled. Percent of sweetness: 8%

THE GRAPE: Vidal Blanc is one of the grape vines that adapts the best to the  Atlantic region all the way up to Canada. Very characteristic is the grape skins that are really thick and tough which allows the grape to stay on the vine way past normal harvest time. Vidal Blanc is a white hybrid grape variety produced from the Vitis vinifera variety Ugni blanc (also known as Trebbiano Toscano) and another hybrid variety, Rayon d'Or (Seibel 4986)*

*Albert Seibel was a French viticulturist who created many hybrid varieties in an effort to contain the disaster of the phylloxera infection in European grape varietals.

VINTNER'S NOTE: Port is made be adding brandy to the fermenting wine must, in order to halt fermentation at around 18% alcohol and 8% residual sugar. You can quickly stop the fermentation by adding brandy. The 18% alcohol content in conjunction with the 8% sugar make port's longevity and shelf life almost indefinite. Some ports are aged for over 50 years!


BLEND:80% Vidal Blanc 20% Traminette

VINEYARD  SIZE: 0.4 acres


Porto Bianco

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