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TASTING NOTES: A distinctive black cherry nose with hints of caramel, dry fruit and vanilla, our deep-brownish red port is an ideal complement to aged cheeses and chocolate based desserts.     Serve at room temperature.

THE GRAPE: The Chambourcin grape is a hybrid variety created by  Joannes Seyve around 1950 by crossing Seyve-Villard 12-417 and Chancellor. It requires a long growing season and when fully ripen can produce bold and full bodied wines with intense red-purple color. Because of its resistance to disease and its ability to create superior wines, Chambourcin is used to produce dry, deep colored wine with fully aromatic flavors without unpleasant hybrid nuances. 

VINTNER'S NOTE: Port is made be adding brandy to the fermenting wine must, in order to halt fermentation at around 18% alcohol and 8% residual sugar. You can quickly stop the fermentation by adding brandy. The 18% alcohol content in conjunction with the 8% sugar make port's longevity and shelf life almost indefinite. We age red port for at least three years in oak barrels, and then at least two years in the bottle.


BLEND: 100% Chambourcin

VINEYARD  SIZE: 0.4 Acres 


Porto Rosso

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