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TASTING NOTES: Light-bodied made with Brachetto D'Acqui grapes. Intensely aromatic with distinctive notes and color of strawberries. Enjoy chilled with fresh berries and plum tarts.

Serve chilled.

THE GRAPE: Brachetto is a red wine produced in Piedmont, starting from the vine of the same name (Brachetto) which is highly aromatic with intense nuances of strawberries. The characteristics of the vine support its use for the production of sweet wines, especially sparkling wines, the most famous of which are produced in the Acqui Terme area but present in most provinces of Piedmont. 

VINTNER'S NOTE: Spuma Rossa (Italian for "pink fizz")  is made through the collaboration between Sergio Neri at HVV and the Botto family, vintners at Convento Cappuccini in Piedmont. The long friendship and trust between our families resulted in a superior product that is specially crafted for customer who enjoy a fruity and sweet bubbly wine. The wine is described as "frizzante" or "fizzy" to distinguish it from the fully carbonated "spumante" or sparkling wine.


BLEND:100% Brachetto D'Acqui

VINEYARD  LOCATION : Ricaldone, Piedmont, Italy

YEARLY PRODUCTION: 100- 150  cases

Spuma Rossa

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