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BLEND:100% Brachetto D'Acqui

VINEYARD  LOCATION : Ricaldone, Piedmont, Italy

YEARLY PRODUCTION: 100- 150  cases

TASTING NOTES: Light-bodied made with Brachetto D'Acqui grapes. Intensely aromatic with distinctive notes and color of strawberries. Enjoy chilled with fresh berries and plum tarts.

Serve chilled.

THE GRAPE: Brachetto is a red wine produced in Piedmont, starting from the vine of the same name (Brachetto) which is highly aromatic with intense nuances of strawberries. The characteristics of the vine support its use for the production of sweet wines, especially sparkling wines, the most famous of which are produced in the Acqui Terme area but present in most provinces of Piedmont. 

VINTNER'S NOTE: Spuma Rossa (Italian for "pink fizz")  is made through the collaboration between Sergio Neri at HVV and the Botto family, vintners at Convento Cappuccini in Piedmont. The long friendship and trust between our families resulted in a superior product that is specially crafted for customer who enjoy a fruity and sweet bubbly wine. The wine is described as "frizzante" or "fizzy" to distinguish it from the fully carbonated "spumante" or sparkling wine.

Villa Neri Spuma Rossa.png




BLEND: 50% Moscato 50%Glera

VINEYARD  LOCATION : Ricaldone, Piedmont, Italy

YEARLY PRODUCTION: 150- 200  cases

TASTING NOTES: Clean, dry, and a well-balanced sparkling wine. Ideal for hors dÍoeuvres, cocktails, seafood, and toasting for special occasions. A new Hopewell Valley Vineyards favorite.     Serve chilled.

THE GRAPE: The Glera grape is one of the local white grape varieties present mainly in the Veneto region and is the base for the well known "Prosecco" sparkling wine. The grapes express different notes depending on the climatic conditions and the types of soil including scents of citrus fruit and green apple. For Moscato grape information please view the Bramante grape paragraph.

VINTNER'S NOTE: Another creative collaboration between the Neri and Botto family (see Spuma Rossa vintner's note). Our Spumante Secco is a sparkling wine that is made in a traditional Italian method  called the Charmat Method. "Spumante" means sparkling wine and "secco" simply means dry in Italian.  The re-fermentation process happens in a pressurized tank, instead of in a bottle, and then the wine is bottled in an isobaric machine to preserve  carbonation. 




























BLEND: 50% Brachetto D'Acqui, 50% Moscato Bianco

VINEYARD  LOCATION : Ricaldone, Piedmont, Italy

YEARLY PRODUCTION: 75- 120  cases

TASTING NOTES: Produced using the Charmat Method of re-fermenting the wine under pressure, our Bramante is clean, dry and well-balanced sparkling wine with nuances of strawberries and raspberries. Ideal for hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, seafood, and toasting for special occasions.

Serve chilled.

THE GRAPE: The white Moscato grape is an aromatic grape widespread in almost the entire Italian peninsula and one of the most important in Piedmont.  It belongs to the large family of Moscati, aromatic vines whose name derives from "muscum", musk, whose characteristic aroma is found in the grapes.  For the Brachetto grape character please see the description for our Spuma Rossa.

VINTNER'S NOTE: Creative collaboration between the Neri and Botto family (see Spuma Rossa vintner's note),

Bramante (named by blending the words "Brachetto" and  "Spumante") is a typical Italian pink spumante with subtle fruit nuances of strawberries and raspberries from the Brachetto grape an  floral and citrus  notes from the Moscato.

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