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The Team

Ari Schulman

Ari Schulman, 22, is the newest member of the A-Team. He joined us in March this year, and helps out with different tasks 2-3 days per week. Ari lives in Pennington with his parents, and enjoys swimming, power lifting, eating out, and going to the movies. Welcome, Ari!

Team Member

David Giardino

David is a 25 year old young man who enjoys being in the company of other cool people. Currently, he is learning how to supervise some of the other members of the team, and is caring and dedicated towards his team mates. David is interested in smart-phone technology, which he takes advantage of in his job as a supervisor. He dreams about becoming an actor when he grows up...

Supervising Team Member

Davide Neri

Davide will soon turn 25, but still is the baby of the Neri family. Although facing some challenges concerning language skills, he repeatedly makes his wishes and desires known. Davide enjoys music, swimming, going for walks - sometimes completely alone! - or going for car or motorcycle rides with dad...

Team Member

Kevin Carlin

Kevin is a 22 year old young man who loves hanging out with his friends. Favorite activities include baking, cooking, and watching movies. Kevin really enjoys using tools, and one day wants to be a handyman's helper…

Team Member

Tyler Bell

Tyler turned 22 this year, but he is one of the veterans of our extended family. Tyler started helping out around the winery in 2011, and quickly found a way into our hearts with his beautiful smile and colorful paintings. His attention to detail is deeply appreciated, and sometimes a little annoying...

Team Member

Sergio Neri

Sergio Neri is the winemaker and co-owner of Hopewell Valley Vineyards with his wife Violetta.  He is an engineer and an entrepreneur.  His son Davide has been diagnosed with autism 22 years ago and since then Sergio has been involved in the field of autism research and intervention as he assumed a direct role in the delivery of behavioral analysis techniques to Davide since an early age. Hopewell Valley Vineyards has been offering employment to individuals with autism for more that 10 years and strives to continue to create new sustainable enterprises for its special team.

Hopewell Valley Vineyards Propriotor; Program Sponsor

Svein Aage Hansen

Svein Aage Hansen has been working in the field of autism intervention for over 25 years. He has worked with children, teenagers, and adults with autism, in school, home, and work settings. Job responsibilities and areas of interest during these years include direct instruction, parent/staff training, and program and curriculum development. Svein has participated in symposia and held work-shops and presentations both nationally and internationally.

Program Leader, Educator, Mentor

Violetta Neri

Violetta Neri is the director of events and sales and co-owner of Hopewell Valley Vineyards.  Violetta is an avid red wine drinker, lover of jazz and enthusiastic traveler. 

Hopewell Valley Vineyards Propriotor, Program Co-Sponsor

Alexandra Hunt

Alexandra serves as the project manager of our projects and efforts.  She is a mother of two young daughters and enjoys creative persuits when possible.

Program Committee Member

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